Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions
How can I apply to the programs?

Apply using the form that can be accessed by clicking on the apply button at the top of the page.

How long is a program

Each program has specific duration which will be specified on the advert.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the program?


What are the benefits of participating in the programs?

Our programs are structured to make participants leave better than they came. They are practical and relatable. Lessons learnt during our programs are applicable to not just your immediate circle of influence but also to different areas of life.

What topics or skills are covered in the coaching sessions

Every course has its tailored skills that will be acquired. In our TeachTomorrow leadership coaching course, you will learn how to lead yourself, maintain a good mental well being as a component of leadership, recognize and handle abuse of power. You will also experience different scenarios as a leader and discuss how to navigate your way in such situations.

Do you offer any discounts or package deals

Yes we do. Be on the lookout. As part of our corporate social responsibility too, we offer free leadership coaching to selected groups of leaders. This depends on the leaders the company focuses on for the year. We also offer scholarships especially to educators attending the TTLC

Can I request a specific coaching program?

Yes you can. Send us an email ( to let us know what specific coaching you or your organization wishes to have.

What makes Oropo Leadership Coaching unique?

OROPO Visionary Coaching Co. offers personalized coaching programs that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Apply to any of our leadership programs and start your journey